Student Tuition

Hemel-Tuition provides English, Mathematics, and Sciences tuition for students of all ages or abilities.

ESL Courses

English as a second language courses for adults and children are available from beginners to advanced speakers using our own curriculum developed over 10 years.

Kevin – Senior Tutor

Kevin provides one-to-one and group teaching in Mathematics and English to children and adults. He has 30 years in training experience from Computerised Business Systems to Carer Awareness courses for Health professionals.

Lawrence – Tutor

Lawrence provides English tuition to children and adult ESL training and is studying Psychology. He also serves as Director of Sales.

Sudha – Tutor

Sudha tutors in Maths and Science and has been teaching since 2007. She has a Bachelor of Education, a Diploma in Information System Management, a Master of Science in Electronics, and a Bachelor of Science in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics.

Matthew – Teaching Coordinator

Matthew coordinates the teachers and students and has managed the administration of Phos Education for 10 years.

Hemel Tuition is located at 65 High Street, Old Town, Hemel Hempstead (Entrance at the rear) and provides one to one lessons or group lessons for up to 4 students.

Prices are £15 per 45 minute lesson or £28 per 90 minute lesson and there are group and family discounts.

Please email us if you would like further information or to discuss your specific requirements .